Project management: Planning who is working on what

Table of Contents

This document tries to get an overview on who is working on what.

Items being actively worked on

XDP clone+multicast

  • Assigned: Hangbin

XDP multi-frame work

  • Assigned: Amazon ("Jubran, Samih" <>)
  • Reviewers/collaborators: Lorenzo and Eelco

XDP egress hook/programs

  • Assigned: Ahern + jason Wang

Consistency for statistics with XDP

  • Assigned: Lorenzo
  • David Ahern was working on this, but currently dropped.

BPF-helper: Bridge lookup

  • Assigned: Lorenzo

Better "TX" ndo_xdp_xmit resource management

  • Assigned: Toke / Magnus
  • Stalled on queue work from Intel (Magnus)

SKB outside drivers

  • Assigned: Jesper
  • Blocked on: XDP-data-hard-end
  • Blocked on: BTF HW-offload feature

NIC BTF HW-offload feature

  • Assigned: Tom Herbert (Intel) (working group under ZabiPlane)

page_pool: use in SKB free/return path

  • Assigned: Ilias (Linaro) and Lorenzo

page_pool: add stats

  • Assigned: Jonathan (Facebook)

Not being actively worked on

BPF-helper: OvS lookup

  • Assigned: Nobody

BPF-helper: Conntrack lookup

  • Assigned: Matt Cover <>

XDP-feature bits

  • Assigned: Maybe Anton (Linode)
  • Note: Anton don't have time for this, find somebody else.

Finished projects

DONE XDP-data-hard-end

  • Assigned: Jesper
  • Needed for multi-frame
  • Needed for SKB outside drivers

Date: 2021-09-20 Mon 18:33