People involved in XDP development

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This file records people involved on XDP development, to make it easier to Cc the right people on the mailing list.


The early "moonshot" ideas behind having a step before allocating the SKB, was presented by Jesper at NetDev 1.1 (Feb 2016), who also did PoC experiments (with mlx5) extrapolating a performance could reach 19Mpps per core. Today we are seeing between 16Mpps to 24Mpps per core depending on which NIC HW used (mlx5 driver).

The initial XDP patchset was developed by: Brenden Blanco <> / <> After this Brenden have not been active developing XDP.

The XDP name was coined by Tom Herbert. Tom Herbert and Alexei Starovoitov did the first presentation about XDP, while both working for Facebook.

XDP developers

eBPF maintainers:

  • Alexei Starovoitov
  • Daniel Borkmann

Core XDP developers:

  • Brenden Blanco <> (initial XDP patchset)
  • Tom Herbert <> (coined XDP)
  • John Fastabend <>
  • Jakub Kicinski <> (netronome + core work)
  • Quentin Monnet <> (netronome + core work)
  • David Ahern (fib lookup helper)
  • Jesper Brouer <>
  • Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <>

eBPF core developers influencing XDP:

  • Martin KaFai Lau <>

Driver developers:

  • Andy Gospodarek (bnxt_en + presentations)
  • Michael Chan (bnxt_en)
  • Saeed Mahameed (mlx5)
  • Tariq Toukan (mlx4)
  • Björn Töpel (i40e + ixgbe + AF_XDP)
  • Magnus Karlsson (i40e + AF_XDP)
  • Yuval Mintz (qede)
  • Sunil Goutham (thunderx)
  • Jason Wang (VM)
  • Michael S. Tsirkin (ptr_ring)
  • Edward Cree (sfc)
  • Toshiaki Makita <> (veth)
  • Ilias Apalodimas <> (netsec)
  • Lorenzo Bianconi <> (mvneta)
  • Matteo Croce <>

Developers unsorted:

  • PJ (still waiting for data_meta work)

Working groups


Proposal for evolving API see: areas/mem/page_pool01_evolving_API.html

People interested in working on page_pool API:

  • Tariq Toukan <> / <>
  • Ilias Apalodimas <>

Potential people interested:

  • Willy Tarreau <>
  • (Ericsson engineer)
  • (from Linaro)

People to keep in loop:

  • Toke
  • Andy Gospodarek <>
  • Daniel
  • Alexei?

Drivers that will get XDP and use page_pool:

  • driver: mlx5

Drivers with XDP and page_pool usage:

  • driver: netsec board: Socionext DeveloperBox
  • driver: mvneta board: espressobin + Turris-Omnia
  • driver: mvpp2 board: Macchiatobin

Date: 2021-09-20 Mon 18:33