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This xdp-cloud-provider.html contains tasks for the XDP-Cloud-Provider project. This gets rendered on and is located in GitHub repo xdp-project under areas/.

Intro (that should be moved to project git-repo):

A solid use-case for XDP is redirection into guest VMs. As this allows a packet destined for a VM to skip the entire overhead of the Host-OS network stack. The Host-OS still sees the packet at the XDP layer which allow for implementing and enforcing per VM policies.

For a Cloud Provider this could (1) save significant amount of CPU resources in the Host-OS, and (2) increase the throughput (pps) performance into a Guest VM.

Current tasks   @short

TODO Kickstart the project "xdp-cloud-provider"

TODO Howto keep track of tasks

This org-mode project TODO file is likely not optimal for peoples workflow. Have a meeting about this. Obvious question: Can we simply use GitHub's facilities, like issues to track assignments?

Completed tasks

DONE Promoting Aherns work on xdp-newbies

Subject: Using XDP for Cloud VMs by David Ahern

Date: 2020-09-08 Tue 11:35