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This xdp-cloud-provider.html contains tasks for the XDP-Cloud-Provider project. This gets rendered on and is located in GitHub repo xdp-project under areas/.

Project have own GitHub repo:

Intro (that should be moved to project git-repo):

A solid use-case for XDP is redirection into guest VMs. As this allows a packet destined for a VM to skip the entire overhead of the Host-OS network stack. The Host-OS still sees the packet at the XDP layer which allow for implementing and enforcing per VM policies.

For a Cloud Provider this could (1) save significant amount of CPU resources in the Host-OS, and (2) increase the throughput (pps) performance into a Guest VM.

Current tasks   @short

TODO Kickstart the project "xdp-cloud-provider"

TODO Howto keep track of tasks

This org-mode project TODO file is likely not optimal for peoples workflow. Have a meeting about this. Obvious question: Can we simply use GitHub's facilities, like issues to track assignments?

WAIT Create mailing list   WAITING

Waiting for getting mailman and MX records setup on

Completed tasks

DONE Promoting Aherns work on xdp-newbies

Subject: Using XDP for Cloud VMs by David Ahern

Date: 2021-09-20 Mon 18:33