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This document is use for Conference project management, and contains tasks via org-mode TODO, NEXT and DONE tags. (This file is placed at this level for our org-mode setup to pick it up). Each conference have a top-level TODO, causing our org-mode setup org-agenda view to pickup these tasks as Projects and Stuck Projects.

DONE LinuxPlumbers Nov-2018

Two talks

  1. Networking subtrack: XDP - Challenges and future work
  2. Main LPC-track: A practical introduction to XDP


DONE XDP tutorial at Netdev 0x13

XDP is an increasingly popular topic and technology. XDP builds on top of eBPF.

This hands-on tutorial will provide guidance on getting started using XDP+eBPF technology with intention to let attendees for later leveraging it for your specific use-case.

More details to be posted later.

DONE NetDev-conf presentation/Tutorial got accepted

Title: "XDP hands-on tutorial" Subject: [Indico] Abstract Acceptance notification (#48)

DONE Create github repo for NetDev-conf XDP-tutorial

We need a github repo that are easier to build than prototype-kernel github repo, as it requires the kernel source tree to build. The hands-on tutorial need to have an easier and more confined build-environment.

Started repo here:

Related: How do we ensure participants can successfully run XDP at the event?

DONE Needs document of best practices


  • Use metadata field for carrying per-packet data
  • Don't replicate kernel state
  • How to handle multiple programs on one interface

DONE XDP-tutorial: Do a real presentation or not?

Question is if we need a real presentation for the XDP-tutorial, or if the GitHub READMEs are enough?

Summary after meeting (with Toke): Yes we will need a presentation: But mostly as a 10 minute intro.

Afterwards the presenters laptop can open the README files, as this will show what is the current exercise. And we want people to open these files themselves, either via GitHub-webpage or in emacs.

The presentation will be placed in: xdp-project git-repo.

The reason behind not placing it in: xdp-tutorial git-repo, is that we want to evolve the xdp-tutorial without tying it to a specific conference. We will create a git-tag (or branch) that correspond to the conference presentation, to allow people link the two.

Brainstorm over topics in presentation:

  • Initial slides.
  • Reference to vikings
  • Cover global readme
  • About the veth-testlab setup
    • required kernel version
  • Offer to help people with their own use-cases

Date: 2021-09-20 Mon 18:33